What does it do and how do I use it?

So you want to know exactly what the EnergyGoldRush iOS and/or Android mobile app does and exactly how to use it. It’s your lucky day because we’ve developed a training video that does all of this and more. Click below for a walk through of the all new EGR with mobile app functionality…

How much does it cost and where do I get it?

What does the EnergyGoldRush mobile app cost? There is no cost to download the app itself. It is made available to all EGR subscribers to provide added functionality to the EGR system.  Where do I download it? Download the EnergyGoldRush App: To download the app, simply search for EnergyGoldRush in your respective iOS or Android […]

How do I update my billing info and/or credit card?

You can now update your payment yourself in your back office.  Just log into your back office and find the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Select payment profile and fill out the information on that page.  It’s pretty straightforward once you get there.  Follow the […]

How do I cancel my account?

You are in full control of your EGR account management. We’re sorry you wish to cancel, but rest assured, cancelling is easy and you take care of it yourself whenever you are ready and you can cancel easily at any time. Your account will NOT be officially cancelled until you complete these 5 simple steps […]

How do I get logged into my EGR admin?

1. Go to https://energygoldrush.com/auth/login/  2. Enter your subdomain or email address. subdomain: the unique portion of your EGR website. For example, in the case of http://demo.energygoldrush.com, “demo” is your unique subdomain. email address: must be the one registered to your EGR account. If you have any question what email is on your account, just visit your [&hellip...

How do I change or reset my password?

IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR PASSWORD and need to reset it, follow these instructions: Go to the EGR login page here Click on the “Forgot Password?” link Check your email (must be the email registered with your EGR account) for a password reset notification and click on the link in that email. Enter your new password […]

How do I use my own domain name?

You have to contact the company that you purchased your custom/personal domain from and let them know that you would like to redirect your site to the address xxxx.energygoldrush.com (where xxxx is the subdomain that you entered during sign up).  Often, you will be able to make this change on the website where you purchased […]

How do I download the videos that are on my EnergyGoldRush Site?

First you need to log into your EGR back office then follow these directions…  Look at the gray menu at the top of the page where it says EnergyGoldRush in orange Click on Training & Downloads. Scroll Down to the bottom section where it says: Video Downloads Click the button that says Download next to whatever […]

How do I change my subdomain?

First you need to log into your EGR back office then follow these directions… Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page to access the drop down menu. Scroll down and click on Personal Profile. Find the box Desired Subdomain. Delete your current subdomain that is displayed in the box. […]

How Do I Qualify for FREE EGR?

Here is how it works… First of all to participate you must update your credit card so you are being billed under our new merchant provider which is what makes this program possible. To update your credit card log into the back office @http://energygoldrush.com/auth/login then click on your name in the upper right corner and […]