How do I change or reset my password?

IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR PASSWORD and need to reset it, follow these instructions:
  1. Go to the EGR login page here
  2. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link
  3. Check your email (must be the email registered with your EGR account) for a password reset notification and click on the link in that email.
  4. Enter your new password twice as instructed. PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE
  5. After successful password reset, login using your new password.
IF YOU KNOW YOUR PASSWORD and simply want to change or update it, follow these instructions:
  1. Log into your EGR site here
  2. Click on the blue arrow next to your name (upper right hand corner of the page) to access the dropdown menu.  
  3. Scroll down to Personal Profile.
  4. Find the boxes on the right hand side of the page under Profile Info that is labeled Change Password.
  5. Type your new desired password in the left hand box (Grey Text in box says New Password).  Retype it in the right hand box (Grey Text in box says Confirm New Password).
  6. Click the BLUE Save button on the bottom left hand side.
  7. You will get a confirmation message highlighted in green that alerts you that your password has been changed successfully.  
  • Note:  If you click on the small black circle with the question mark in it next to the Contact Info Displayed On Site title will launch a short tutorial video showing you exactly how to make changes to your EGR Contact Info.

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